Newest member off the Yard 

Yerichoffpits Utah

50%p Sorrells/Hammonds/Carver/Ofrn


Selected by the 5 last pups out a ring off 16 pups 4-6 months ADBA show Italy (Parma) 30/11/2014 

SPBC Spring tournement 2015

Second place sprint race under 12 months

Best tug off war time 2hour 15min lost here match against winner off the tournement  

ADBA Show Holland 15 & 16/08/2015

1st place sports -18kg (tredmill race - wallcliming - dragpull) 3th place overall (all weight classes)

SPBC Summer Contest 22 & 23/08/2015

1st place sprint race

3th place high jump (1m90 same hight as the winner)

4th place far jump (3m20) & lost here tug of war to the winner in 2h09min best tug time off the day

Spbc Cup 2015

1st place sprint race female (best time female/male)

1st place high jump 

Adba winter show Holland 05/03/2016 Judge Mr, Noel Carrion

 2th place confirmation show 18 - 24 months

1st place Adba Top Dog Event -18kg(tredmill race - wallcliming - dragpull) / 3th place overall 

  WDH Holland 12/03/2016

1st place wallcliming - 2th place high jump - 2th place tredmill race 

Spbc's Winter Tournement 2016

1 place sprint race (best time ever @ SPBC)

2th place drag pull

2th place Mill Race - 901m

3th place high jump

3th place Weight Pulling -20kg - 810kg - 45%

Best dog off the tournement

Spbc's spring tournement 2016 

 1st place dragpull  female 

2nd place high jump female 2m

3th place mill racen 805m 

2nd place Weight Pulling 905kg 52.16%

Best dog off the tournement

Xtreme Event Holland 17/07/2016

 Judge Mr Tom Garner and Alberto Sotelo (mexico)

3the place female 2 to 4 years 

Pbcn''s Adba Top Dog Event & running games 30&31/07/16

Tda 1st place -18kg (Mill race-lur race-wall climming broke Own record to 2.90m)

2nd place overall 

 1st place track race 280meters (23.8sec First time on track)

 SPBC'Summer Contest 2016

2nd place Weight Pulling -20kg

1st place dragpull 

2nd place high jump 

3th place mill race

3th place sprint race 

Overall best dog off the tournement

 ADBA Show Italy 16/10/2016 with Judge Mr Hank Greenwood 

Best conditiond dog off the show 

Selected for Judge's choice 

Pbcn Winter Show 11/12/2016 
1st place wallcliming
1st place mill race
3th place A-frame


 Pbcn winter show 04-05/03/2017 

Confirmation fun show with Mr Richard Garcia 2nd place 2-3 years 

 ADBA Confirmation show with Mr luigi John Matha 2nd place 2-3 years

Apbc Belgium & Working Dogs 1st conformation and sports show 2017

1st place conformation 2-3 years judge Mr Vincenzo Maglione (chosen for best conditiond)

2nd place junior handling. 

Best in show

1st place high jump

1st place far jump

1st place drag Pull sled (-20kg)

3th place treadmill race

1st place wallcliming

1st place drag Pull sprint (-20kg)

Overall sports winner 

Adba show Czech Republic 22/07/2017


2nd place conformation show female 3 to 5 years Judge Mr Luigi Bezzi

1st place conformation show female 3 to 5 years Judge Mr Andy Seguss

3th place best conditiond 

First Adba show Belgium 2017

2nd place conformation show judge Luigi Bezzi

1st place Tda light weight and 1st place Tda overall

1st place far jump female

1st place high jump female 

3th place adba wp -18kg

3th place fun wp -18kg

Overall best dog 

 Adba show Hungary 2017

1st place Tda light weight cat and 2nd overall Tda 

2nd place wp -18kg

2nd place conformation show

Best conditiond

All judged by Joanie Winchester Tatonka kennels Usa 

PBCN Running game's 2018

1st place track racing

1st place lur racing

Fastest dog -18kg 

Adba & Fun show belgium. 26 & 27 may 2018

1st Tda light weight classe and 3th overall 

Adba Weight pull 1st classe 35 to 45lbs


Yerichoffpits "Rouge"

yerichoffpits sorrells apbt

3th place conformation show (Bulldog show 2009 putte)

1st place sprintrace 3de Working Dogs Show (19&20/09/2009)

 Conformation show IBBC Holland/ARFE  21-11-2010

1st place 2 till 7 years 

1st place Best female Pit Bull

1st place Best In Breed

2nd place Best In Show

2nd place sprintrace SPBC Belgium's 3de terrier Olympics  2011

1st place ADBA show Italy (Parma) with judge "Sam Villani" (Dogs over 5 years) 30/11/2014

3the place ADBA winter show Holland with Judge "Ronnie Ewing" (TEXAS) 28-02-2015 (dogs over 5 years)

 Adba winter show Holland 05/03/20016 Judge Mr, Noel Carrion

 2th place confirmation show and was selected for best shape

 Pbcn winter show 4-5/03/2017

Confirmation fun show 3th place +5 years with Mr Richard Garcia, he selected here for the best conditiond ring

ADBA Confirmation show 1st place +5years with Mr Luigi John Matha

Apbc Belgium & Working Dogs 1st conformation and sports show.

1st place conformation female +5 years 

Adba show Belgium 13/08/2017

 3th place conformation show female 5 years and over


Yerichoffpits "Junne"  Owned by kris

Out off Yerichoffpits Tatonka's Zeke VS Yerichoffpits Isis


sorrells apbt


4th place ADBA show 17-08-2013 Holland with Judge Gary J. Hammonds (Female 3-4 Years)

Yerichoffpits "Ice Queen"

she stays in the familly

50% Sorrells/Carver/Hammonds/Ofrn




ADBA Show Holland 15 & 16/08/2015

 1st place confirmation show 12 - 18 months

Best opposite sex 

 Adba winter show Holland 05/03/20016 Judge Mr, Noel Carrion

3th place confirmation show 18 - 24 months


The newest member off Yerichoffpits out off  Steel Dog ChTommy and Steel Dog Filosa's  Tramontana 

 2nd place puppy classe fun day adopt a staf and pitbull 24/09/17 Judge Nicolas V Schaeybroeck(R&B Kennels