Yerichoffpits tatonka's "Zeke"

 R.I.P. 23/09/2017

yerichoffpits sorrells apbt

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2nd place conformatoin show (bulldog show 2009 putte)

2nd place conformation show Zbroslawice (Poland)

1st place conformation show (bulldog show 2010 putte)

best in show (bulldog show 2010 putte)

3th place conformation show IBBC Holland/ARFE 21-11-2010

1st place conformation show (bulldog show 2011 putte)

1st place ADBA show 17-08-2013 Holland with Judge "Gary J. Hammonds" (dogs over 5 years)

3th place ADBA show Italy (Parma) with Judge "Hank Greenwood" (dogs over 5 years) 

3th place ADBA show italy (Parma) with judge "Sam Villani" (Dogs over 5 years) 30/11/2014

1st place ADBA winter show Holland with Judge "Ronnie Ewing" (TEXAS) 28-02-2015 (dogs over 5 years)

3th place ADBA summer show Holland with judge Joanie Winchester 'Tatonka kennels USA" 15-08-2015  (dogs over 5 years)

Adba show holland 13-14/08/2016

1st place dogs over 5 years with Judge Gary J. Hammonds 


Yerichoffpits Tatonka's Zeke and Joanie Winchester "tatonka kennels" 


  Yerichoffpits "Maximus" Ownd by Klaas VDN

50% Sorrells son off Zeke

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Out off Yerichoffpits Tatonka's Zeke VS Yerichoffpits Isis 


Yerichoffpits "Noxx"  Ownd by Jurgen E. 

 yerichoffpits sorrells apbt

online-pedigree  Open for stud